Sub Today, 10-18-2006

Hello, I will be gone all day today. My daughter is sick, so I will be sitting with her at home. Hopefully, I will grade some of your assignments while I sit at home. If you are done early, you may browse, but remember, no downloads, video, chat, etc! Be kind to our guest the sub please…
JAVA: Continue with ICT L05. Matt West, quiz tomorrow lunch.
VISUAL BASIC: Continue with AS04.
ADVANCED WEB: Continue with AS05.
WEB DESIGN: Quiz Thursday on Advanced Links. Finish AS04 by end of Thursday.

Web Design only… here is a checklist to make sure you finished everything for AS04:

AS01, AS02, and AS03 are on your web site.
No last names ANYWHERE on your site.
AS04 has been fixed so everything works
AS04 has been UPLOADED as a .ZIP file to
AS04 has been put on your personal web site.