AP Java, ICT Lesson 06

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For this assignment, do the following:

  • Read the JavaDoc discussion found here (login required).
  • Test JavaDocs by creating docs for the PizzaParlor class.
  • Only do Lab Assignment 6.2 (RegularPolygon)
  • Create JavaDocs for your RegularPolygon class. This will require you to comment the class extensively.

Turn in RegularPolygon class with tester and sample runs. Turn in both JavaDocs folders you created. All of this should be put in a .ZIP file and uploaded.

NOTE:  There was a bug in the installer that I gave you to use at home.  The JavaDoc path was wrong.  To use JavaDocs at home, you will need to edit your PATH Environment Variable.  This is found at Start –> Settings –> Control Panel –> System –> Advanced –> Environment Variables.  Edit the path to include:


and remove the reference to jdk1.4.2 (or whatever) in the path.