My Daughter Is Sick


Sorry, my daughter is sick today, she has an ear infection, fever, and is on antibiotics and needs rest.  I should be back by tomorrow.  Please be kind to the guest teacher.  Please do the following during class today:

All use of the Internet should be for school assignments only…

WEB DESIGN:  We will do the Swish Demo tomorrow.  Please think about what you advertisement will be, and find IMAGES, TEXT, and SOUNDS that you would like to use in your advertisement.  Keep them on your H: Drive.

ANIMATION:  Continue working with your model in Blender.  Continue to apply Materials and TEXTURES to your model.  On Friday, we will discuss making JPG Images for your web page.

AP JAVA:  Continue to review for the AP Test, or work on something for another class.  Internet should only be used for something school related.

See you tomorrow 🙂
Mr. Eliot