Adv. Web AS10: Cookies and Sessions


Ok, this is one of our big lessons. In this assignment, we learn how web browsers know who you are. Browsers use cookies and sessions to maintain personalized settings AND to maintain the security of your login to a web site. Check out my version of Assignment 10a HERE.


Substitute Teacher

Hello fine students,

I will see you again on Monday. Today, I am in Monterey at a Technology Conference. Mr Stoecklein (pronounced Stek-Line) will be our guest teacher for today.

  • WEB DESIGN: Continue with your STYLE SHEETS assignment. This assignment will be due Tuesday or Wednesday next week. Don’t forget to upload all 5 pages to your website AND link them so I can grade them.
  • AP JAVA: We will be finishing this assignment probably Monday or Tuesday next week. If you finish early, you may browse the internet from your assigned seat.
  • ADV. WEB DESIGN: Everyone should still be working on the assignment. Nobody should be playing games online since I am not here to OK your assignment upload and check your CSS and XHTML validation.
  • KEYBOARDING: In the book, please work on Ex C-2 to Ex C-7. After that, create and UPLOAD your .ZIP file for this week. Include everything we did this week INCLUDING TODAY’S WORK. When finished, browse online from your assigned seat.

Have a great weekend everyone. Web Design students, I hope to grade the GIMP assignment this weekend 🙂

Adv. Web AS09: Sticky Forms

Sticky forms are forms that submit to themselves until all data entered by the user is correct. At that point, they give a confirmation message that the form was correct and usually send a confirmation email. Check out my version of AS09 HERE.

3rd Period Web Design

Not There Today

Sorry 3rd period students! I forgot to mention that I was going to be gone today to a meeting at the district office from 8am to 11am. We’ll do the new seating chart tomorrow.