CLSM Technology Conference

I will be presenting at the CLMS / CLHS / CUE conference in Monterey, CA on December 6th, 2008.  A PDF of my presentation can be found here:

Wiimote Whiteboard Presentation

Build Your Own Interactive Whiteboard System

Dan Eliot, El Dorado High School

The Nintendo Wii Remote ($60) has an effective built-in motion-sensing video camera. When coupled with an LCD projector, this camera can be used to convert almost any surface into an interactive whiteboard. Learn the steps necessary to create a “Do It Yourself” interactive whiteboard for under $100, see a demonstration of the system, and receive suggestions on ways to use such a system.

Guest Teacher Tuesday

I will be at a district meeting all day on Tuesday, October 21st. Our guest teacher is scheduled to be Mr. Werts.  For each class, here’s what you will be doing:


  • You will be completing your last TypingMaster lesson (Numeric Keypad #3). On Wednesday, we have our last TypingMaster test. We will have a catch-up day on Thursday to make sure everyone finishes their keyboarding work. Friday, we will close TypingMaster for good and start working with Microsoft Office.

Beginning Programming (Visual Basic):

  • You will be working on Assignment 04. Assignment 04 is due at the beginning of the period on Thursday October 23rd. We will start Assignment 05 on Thursday.

Beginning Web Design:

  • You will be continuing work on Part 02, SHAPES of the GIMP assignment. Log in to and read/print Assignment 04 if you do not know what to do. On Wednesday, October 22nd, we will start the next part of the GIMP assignment, as we learn how to colorize black and white photos!

Substitute Teacher Today

Today (Thursday) I will be out writing an exciting 35 page report for the district. This is the Perkins Five Year Plan Report. I will be back tomorrow, Friday September 26th to answer any questions you might have. Have a great day and be kind to our guest the sub.


  • Keyboarding: Complete lesson #12 and lesson #13 to finish the beginning lessons. Remember that lesson 13 is only 5 minutes long!
  • Beginning Programming (Visual Basic): Continue on the triangle program. Remember to READ THE ASSIGNMENT, particularly the second page which has lots of hints. This assignment is due TUESDAY at the very beginning of the period.
  • Beginning Web Page Design: Continue on Assignment 02, Who Wants To Be A Millionaire. Remember, it isn’t finished unless it is on the website! Friday, we will start talking about the next assignment, TABLES near the middle of the period.

Have a great day 🙂
Mr. Eliot

AP Exam Results

Congratulations to all 10 of the AP Java students who took the exam!  I received the results today from the College Board, and everyone passed.  Scores are; 2 fives, 5 fours, and 3 threes.  Average score 3.9.  Way to go guys.  I’m very impressed!!

Sub Today

Perkins Image

I’m off today writing the Perkins Technology Application for the district.  This should be my last period off (except I will miss 3rd Period May 21st).  Here’s an outline of what you should be doing:

  • KeyBoarding/Microsoft Office:  Start Excel, EX A-4 to Ex A-11.  If you need more time on your Newsletter, do that AFTER the new Excel work.
  • AP Java:  Continue on with the Ant Lab.  The Gridworld Case Study booklets are behind the whiteboard in front of Gideon.  Ask the sub to get them please.
  • Advanced Web:  Please finish up on the XML section.  The media player will work in BOTH BROWSERS as long as you have NO SPACES inside the attributes.  Take a look BELOW AT THE LAST BLOG POST and notice that there are no spaces after the ? inside the URLs.
  • Web Design:  Please continue with Style Sheets and do the best you can.  Ask others near you to help.  I will be back to answer questions tomorrow.

Have a great day,
Mr. Eliot

Adv. Web AS16: phpBB Install


We’re going to install phpBB shortly.  Like WordPress, the phpBB authors recently came out with a 3.0 version of the software.  To install that, take a look at my OLD phpBB message board HERE for install instructions.  Note that this time, we are going to install a “BZip 2” archive (.bz2 file).  BZIP is a different, but similar program to GZIP that we have used many times.  The command to use it in Putty is:

bzip2 whatever.tar     (create a .bz2 archive from the .tar file)
bunzip2 whatever.bz2     (get the .tar file out of a .bz2 archive)

Adv. Web AS15: .htaccess & .htpasswd

Apache Logo

An important skill for a webmaster is the ability to password protect a directory. The easiest way to do that (and other cool tricks) is to learn how to create .htaccess and .htpasswd files. Here is a link that helps create those files HERE. Also, a tutorial that explains how to use .htaccess files to do some other tricks can be found HERE.

Working example of a redirect:
Redirect 301 /index.html

Another cool thing that an .htaccess file can do is redirect your homepage. Part of your assignment is to get rid of your old homepage, and REDIRECT visitors to your WordPress blog homepage. You can find a tutorial that explains “301 redirects” HERE.