Happy Holidays to all of my students…


Thank you for being in my class this semester.  I appreciate having you here.  I hope you have a great 16 days off over winter break.  During the period today, please come up and enjoy some hot apple cider and Raspberry Rugalah (pastry)!

1 Crock Pot
3 Quart Bottle Apple Juice (or other BIG size)
1 Box Martinelli’s Mulling Spices
(OR Celestial Seasonings Cinnamon Apple Spice Tea)

Put apple juice in Crock Pot, add 5-8 bags of Mulling Spices /  Tea.  Heat on HIGH for first hour, then turn down to LOW setting.  As you use Hot Cider, add more bags of Mulling Spices / Tea and take out old “used” bags.  Serve HOT!! in coffee/tea cups, sip carefully since it’s HOT!!

Sick Daughter 2: Return Of The Sick Daughter

barf bag

Hello everyone.

Sorry I’m not here today.  As we pulled up to her school, my daughter said, “I’m going to throw up”, and she did.  So basically, we had to plan quickly and take her home.  I have a guest teacher today for Periods 3 thru 5.  Read below for what I’d like you to do please.

By the way, I will probably be at the dedication, but then I will go home right after that to take care of my daughter.


  • continue on your Excel project.  You need to finish your surveys as quickly as possible.  If you do not have your survey data yet, you can USE TEMPORARY FAKE DATA AND STILL WORK ON THE SPREADSHEET.  Please follow the directions closely, and help each other as much as possible.  There is no reason not to be working on the project!


  • continue working on your current projects.  Make sure you leave time tomorrow to UPLOAD your assignment to your web page.


  • continue to work on your web pages.  Please help each other in getting the Order Form finished.  Use your directions to assist you.  If a form input doesn’t work, that is usually because it is NAMED incorrectly.  That is:  <input name=”fix_name” type=”” value=””>.  Don’t forget to leave time tomorrow to UPLOAD your assignment to your web page.

I hope to see you tomorrow 🙂

Mr. Eliot

Guest Teacher Friday October 23rd


Mr Stoecklein (pronounced Steck Line) will be our guest teacher Friday.  Mr. Stoecklein was a teacher at El Dorado high school for many years, teaching physical science.  His nickname is “Mac Gyver” since he built, among other things, a hover craft and rocket launcher for his classes.  Please welcome Mr Stoecklein as our guest Friday.

Keyboarding: (coming soon)
Animation:(coming soon)
Web Page Design:(coming soon)

Parent Access to this website


Parents.  If you’d like to see the course information for your student, click on the Course Login link at the top of this blog.  Your student has the USERID and PASSWORD you need to access the course website.  Login required.

If your student is in Web Design or Animation, click on the Student Pages link at the top of this blog.  From there, you can find your student and see their completed work.

My daughter is sick


Hello Keyboarding, Animation, and Web Design students 🙂

Sorry I can’t be there today.  My daughter has the flu, and has been running a temperature for 3 days now.  I will be back tomorrow (Tuesday).  In the meantime, here’s what you should be doing today:

KEYBOARDING: Touch Typing Lesson #10 is up for today.  On Friday, we start “Speed Building” and then Technique Observations early next week.

ANIMATION: You should either be working on your animation, or uploading your animation as Assignment 02 to your website.

WEB DESIGN: Please continue working on Who Wants To Be A Millionaire.  Remember, 10 questions of increasing difficulty.

See your tomorrow…

Mr. Eliot

Welcome New Students


Welcome Mustangs!  Congratulations on being the first students that Yorba Linda High School has ever had.  Over the next semester and year, I hope you enjoy what you learn in my classes.

Here is my daily schedule:

Period 01:  Conference Period
Period 02:  Technology Assistance to YLHS staff
Period 03:  Keyboarding and Microsoft Office
Period 04:  Introduction To Animation
Period 05:  Web Page Design
Period 06:  Technology Assistance to YLHS staff

Final Two Weeks


We are now into the last two weeks of school!  An exciting time, but what I want most is for all of you to finish well!

So a couple of things:

(1)  Seniors can take early finals Tuesday June 2nd to Thursday June 4th.  Sign up on the whiteboard in class.

(2)  During finals week, I will be available after school starting at 12:26pm  (if you need extra time on assignments, etc.) on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday.   On WEDNESDAY, however, I will only be available until 1:15pm since I have a meeting.

(3)  Check Aeries regularly and make sure you know where your grade stands.  Things happen fast at the end of the year, so keep yourself up to date on your grade:


Gone 1st Period May 19th


Sorry 1st period class!!

I should have told you this yesterday.  This morning (May 19th), during 1st period, I have to attend a meeting at the district office.  This will be my LAST ONE of the year.  Sorry for the short notice.  I will see you tomorrow 🙂

Continue working on your FORMS.  Remember to check the directions and use the demo we did in class to help.

Mr. Eliot