Sick Daughter 2: Return Of The Sick Daughter

barf bag

Hello everyone.

Sorry I’m not here today.  As we pulled up to her school, my daughter said, “I’m going to throw up”, and she did.  So basically, we had to plan quickly and take her home.  I have a guest teacher today for Periods 3 thru 5.  Read below for what I’d like you to do please.

By the way, I will probably be at the dedication, but then I will go home right after that to take care of my daughter.


  • continue on your Excel project.  You need to finish your surveys as quickly as possible.  If you do not have your survey data yet, you can USE TEMPORARY FAKE DATA AND STILL WORK ON THE SPREADSHEET.  Please follow the directions closely, and help each other as much as possible.  There is no reason not to be working on the project!


  • continue working on your current projects.  Make sure you leave time tomorrow to UPLOAD your assignment to your web page.


  • continue to work on your web pages.  Please help each other in getting the Order Form finished.  Use your directions to assist you.  If a form input doesn’t work, that is usually because it is NAMED incorrectly.  That is:  <input name=”fix_name” type=”” value=””>.  Don’t forget to leave time tomorrow to UPLOAD your assignment to your web page.

I hope to see you tomorrow 🙂

Mr. Eliot