My Daughter Is Sick


Sorry I can’t be there today everyone.  My daughter has thrown up three times, and she has a temperature of 100 degrees, so she must stay home from second grade tomorrow.

I hope you all have a good day, and a good weekend 🙂

WEB DESIGN:  Please keep working on Style Sheets.  Remember that there are demos for Part 01 and Part 02 HERE that you can download and look at.  For Part 03, you should find a simple web page that you are interested in using styles with.  Simple pages you COULD use include the Google Search Page, The Wikipedia Home Page, the Web Deign Student Page, etc.  If you don’t like these, select something you prefer.  Read the directions found on for help with Part 03.

VISUAL BASIC PROGRAMMING:  Please continue with the Lunar Lander.  If it is flying in a strange way and not falling gently, it usually comes down to variables being the wrong type (Integer instead of being Single), or not being Global when they should be.  We will have time next week to continue.  If you have any questions, I will answer them on Monday.

KEYBOARDING / MS OFFICE: Please DO NOT upload your .ZIP file today.  We’ll deal with that on Monday or Tuesday next week.  Don’t worry about it.  Please DO finish Excel Chapter C, and start Excel Chapter D.  Get as far as you can with Excel Chapter D.  On Monday, we’ll discuss Charts and Graphs in Excel.  Next week, we finish Excel in the book and move on to the Excel Project 🙂

CUE Conference Presentation


Attached is my updated presentation for the CUE Conference.  I will be presenting Thursday March 5th, 2009, from 2:00pm to 3:00pm.  Info on my “bonus session” can be found HERE about 2/3 of the way down the page.

Wiimote Whiteboard Presentation

From the CUE Conference Catalog:

How to Build an Interactive Whiteboard for Under $100
Dan Eliot             2046
A do-it-yourself project to create an interactive whiteboard system using an existing LCD projector, Nintendo Wiimote, and an IR LED pen.
Intermediate, Experienced, Not grade-level specific
Multi, TL, IN, IT    Andreas    Wyndham Hotel

Guest Teacher This Week And Next


Over the next two weeks, we will have a guest teacher twice in this classroom.  Former EDHS Science teacher, Mr Stoecklein (pronounced Steck Line) will be here in my place on Tuesday February 24th and Thursday March 5th.

  • On February 24th, I will be attending a careers conference in Garden Grove from 1:00pm to 3:30pm.
  • On March 5th, I will be at the CUE Conference in Palm Springs presenting to teachers.

Please welcome Mr. Stoecklein into our classroom.

Lab Software Updates


Thank to all of you for your patience with the new computer lab.  We have the computers just about where I want them, but there are still a few issues.  Internet explorer still has the wrong homepage, and a couple of other things aren’t quite right, but they are CLOSE to being finished.

I will be updating the software again over the long 3 day weekend to fix some of these problems.  Have a great 3 day weekend 🙂

Mr. Eliot

Welcome Back To 2009

Welcome back everyone, Happy New Year!

I did some work on the lab over break, here are some highlights:

  1. Office 2003 should work correctly now, it was reinstalled.
  2. Clicking on .DOC, .PPT, and .XLS files should open them automatically
  3. We now have ONE My Documents folder instead of two
  4. Each user has their own My Documents, so you shouldn’t see other people’s work
  5. The My Documents folder is also the Z: drive, this makes some programs work better
  6. There are now links to the WebFTP, in case we need it

There are still a few things to fix , but things should work better.  Let me know if you have any problems.

Mr. Eliot