Guest Teacher, Monday, October 10th, 2011

On Monday, October 10th, I will be gone to the district office for OARS Training with our principal, Mr. Flynn.  Here what I’d like you to do while I am gone.  REMINDER:  The sub is our guest teacher, please treat them with respect as you would treat a guest in your home.

ANIMATION:  Finish Assignment 03.  It is due WEDNESDAY, October 12th, but you will not have class time on Wednesday to work on it, so finish up on Tuesday.

VISUAL BASIC:  Continue on Assignment 04.  It is due WEDNESDAY, October 12th.

AP JAVA:  Continue with ICT Lesson 04, both labs.  Both are due Friday, and we will have a QUIZ on Thursday.  You are allowed one 3×5 card for the quiz, use it wisely and you must turn it in with your quiz.

KEYBOARDING:  You will be doing NUMBERS Lesson 01 for 30 minutes.  This uses the number keys at the top of the keyboard, NOT the number pad on the right.  Stay in your assigned seats please all period.  We only have two more weeks of Keyboarding left as of today.



How to check your grade…

Progress grades are turned in next week.  To check your grades in this class, you need to do TWO things:

(1)  Log in to  Click on each assignment grade (not the directions, the assignment score).  Here you will see the comments and reasons why your assignment received a particular grade.

(2)  Log in to  Here you will find your TOTAL GRADE for the class.

(3)  Any questions?  Is something wrong?  Ask Mr. Eliot.


Summer Cleanup

On or after July 15th, 2011, all old student accounts will be deleted to make way for new students in the fall.  If you want your files, please email Mr. Eliot (deliot *at*, and I will set up access for a 48 hour period to download files to your home computer.  After July 15th, 2011, if i don’t hear from you, I will assume that you do not want your assignments.

Mr. Eliot

Final Exam Week Info


–> THEN –>

A few quick reminders for this week:

  • All classes have a 60 question multiple choice final this week.
  • Don’t forget to prepare a Final Exam notes sheet.
  • I will not be available after school on Monday or Tuesday.
  • I WILL be here after school on Wed/Thur, possibly until 3pm.
  • I WILL be here at lunch Mon/Tues.
  • Anything turned in after Thursday will not be graded.
  • All files will be deleted from the website in mid-JULY
  • If you want your assignments, bring in a blank CD-ROM or DVD-ROM
  • I hope you all have a wonderful summer starting on Friday 🙂

Step Up To Writing Paragraph, Thursday May 12th

On Thursday May12th, computers will be off in all classes as we complete a project required by YLHS and our Language Arts department.  We will be doing a paragraph following the “Step Up To Writing” format.  I will provide some ideas and suggest some topics.  The paragraph you write must be related to computers, technology, etc.  This assignment is worth 25 points in this class (12pts for AP Computer Science), and DOES AFFECT your grade in this class.  The complete paragraph is due FRIDAY, MAY 13th, 2011 if you want full credit.


  • You will be provided with handouts to assist you with your draft / pre-write process.
  • The YLHS Research Paper Style Guide can be found HERE.
  • A Microsoft Word template will be created together to help with formatting.
  • Your final paragraph should be PRINTED on paper from Word.
  • Turn in (top to bottom) –> Grading Sheet –> Pre-write –> Final Typed Paragraph
  • Mr. Eliot will grade these for this class, then forward them to your Language Arts Teacher.


Guest Teacher: Mr. Stoecklein

On Friday, March 18th,  you have a wonderful Guest Teacher while I am in Palm Spring at the CUE Conference.   Mr. Stoecklein was a teacher at El Dorado for many years.   He taught Physical Science.  He is now retired.  Ask him about his brand new Harley 🙂

Here is what each class should be doing:

Please work on Part 03 and Part 04 of the GIMP assignment.  Create 3 favicon images at 16×16 pixels, and work on the Colorizing part of the assignment.  Monday, I will help you upload the Favicons and help with Colorizing.

Assignment 11 is due today.  Please make sure you upload your FLA file in addition to uploading your SWF file.   If you are done early, browse the Internet or play online games.  No BZFlag today.   Monday, we start our LAST Flash assignment.

Monday, we will do the AP part of Quiz 07.  Today, you should continue working on Assignment 19.  Also, DID YOU PAY FOR THE AP EXAM?  So far, only 2 of 7 students have paid.

Please finish up Assignment 12, Functions.  On Tuesday, we will start on Assignment 13, John Conway’s Game Of Life.

Have a great weekend, and thanks for making Mr. Stoecklein feel welcome.

Mr. Eliot