Websites Down Intermittently Saturday Dec 22nd through Sunday Jan 6th

POSTED Dec 6, 2012 @ 12:48pm

I will be moving all of the websites (Course Login, Downloads, WebFTP, AP course, Student Websites) to a new faster server over Winter Break.  This should help us with speed issues when ALL of the students hit the server at once.

During this time, the sites may unavailable at random times.  This would depend on what section I’m “moving” at any given point.

If you need to turn something in or work on something, do it BEFORE or AFTER those dates.  Remember, late assignments count EVERY 24 hours, even weekends and holidays.  Also, the downtime for the servers over Winter Break will count as late days.  Plan accordingly!

Need Extra Help?

Do you need a little help in one of my classes?  Here is my current schedule for help and extra time in the lab.  The only exceptions to this schedule currently would be teacher meetings.  Things may change once the clubs I advise become more active.  Just ask Mr. Eliot on the day to be sure:

MONDAY:  Lunch or After School
TUESDAY:  Lunch Only
WEDNESDAY:  Lunch or After School
THURSDAY:  Lunch Only
FRIDAY:  Lunch or After School

Welcome Students

Welcome new students!  This website is the “hub” for all of my classes.  The links below the image above take you to most places where you need to be.  The COURSES link has the class schedule, handouts, etc.  The DOWNLOADS link has files / demos we will need in class.  The STUDENT WEBSITES link has websites for Animation and Web Design (second semester).  Finally, Animation students will use the WEBFTP link to turn in their work.  If you have any questions or comments, please email Mr. Eliot:

Mr. Eliot

Have A Great Summer

9:32pm, Friday, June 15th…
All grades have been entered, and all adjustments for Elective Courses have been added.
Check Aeries to see your final grade.  If you have any questions, use the YLHS.ORG email to contact me.

I hope you all have a great summer 🙂

Mr. Eliot


All Assignments Due Wednesday June 13th by 5:00pm

Published on: May 24, 2012 @ 9:04

STUDENTS:  all assignments for all of Mr. Eliot’s classes are due Wednesday June 13th by 5:00pm.  At that time, the website will be disabled for student access, and student web accounts for Animation and Web Design will be disabledAfter Wednesday June 13th at 5:00pm, late work will no longer be accepted for credit!!