AP Computer Science, Great Job!


So proud to see the AP Computer Science exam results yesterday.  33 out of 37 students passed the test (89% passing rate).  29 of those students that passed had a 4 or 5 on the exam.  Very impressive!  Congratulations to all students that took the exam.

Summer Cleanup: on or after July 5th


Three weeks after school ends, on or after Friday July 5th, 2013, I will be removing all student accounts and student files for the 2012-2013 school year.  If you need any of your files or assignments, you are responsible for emailing Mr. Eliot (deliot **AT** pylusd.org) well before this date, so I can arrange for you to get your necessary files.  After July 5th, all student accounts and work will be permanently deleted and there will be no way to recover them.

Have a great summer 🙂
Mr. Eliot

All work due Friday, June 7th by 5:00pm


Reminder that all work for credit in any of my courses is due by Friday, June 7th at 5:00pm.  After that point, late, missing, and due assignments will not be taken for credit!

On Friday, June 7th at 5:00pm, the following will happen:

  • Web Design & Animation:  All login access to assignment websites will end
  • AP Java:  All file upload access to http://courses.mreliot.com/ will end


Mr. Eliot

AP Java Extra Credit Training


For those interested in the extra credit assignment, I will be holding “trainings” where we write a VERY simple GUI program using Processing.  This program will be VERY basic, but give you ideas on how to do your own, better, GUI program.

PROCESSING GUI DEMO (30-45 minutes):

  • Wednesday, 5-15-2013, After School
  • Friday, 5-17-2013, After School
  • Monday, 5-21-2013, After School
  • Wednesday, 5-23-2013, After School

IF you do not attend a training, you are on your own to figure it out 🙂
Mr. Eliot

My Daughter Is Sick


Sorry, my daughter is sick today, she has an ear infection, fever, and is on antibiotics and needs rest.  I should be back by tomorrow.  Please be kind to the guest teacher.  Please do the following during class today:

All use of the Internet should be for school assignments only…

WEB DESIGN:  We will do the Swish Demo tomorrow.  Please think about what you advertisement will be, and find IMAGES, TEXT, and SOUNDS that you would like to use in your advertisement.  Keep them on your H: Drive.

ANIMATION:  Continue working with your Amazon.com model in Blender.  Continue to apply Materials and TEXTURES to your model.  On Friday, we will discuss making JPG Images for your web page.

AP JAVA:  Continue to review for the AP Test, or work on something for another class.  Internet should only be used for something school related.

See you tomorrow 🙂
Mr. Eliot

AP Comp Sci Review, Apr 20th, Apr 27th, 10am


AP Computer Science optional review sessions will be Saturday April 20th 10am and Saturday April 27th 10am.  Students taking the AP test should plan to attend one or both sessons.  Students not taking the AP exam are also welcome to help prepare for the semester final in June!

We will start at 10am and go until *at least* 2pm.  Bring your Barron’s Book if you have one!  Students are welcome to arrive and leave when they feel it necessary.  Pizza will be provided at lunchtime.  Bring your own cold beverage (water, soda).

Review Topics:
(1)  Review of the ICT Curriculum lessons from the beginning.
(2)  Review of Gridworld PowerPoints (if time permits)
(3)  Use of Barron’s Book CDROM for multiple choice review (if time permits)
(4)  Student generated questions and topics (if time permits)

Guest Teacher, Wednesday, April 17th


Guest Teacher Wednesday.  El Dorado High School Chemistry teacher (and my friend) Mrs. Grosse is retiring this year.  On Wednesday, April 17th, I will be attending a retirement lunch in her honor.  On that day, all of my classes will have a Guest Teacher.

  • Web Page Design:  Continue with your Forms Assignment.  Design your GUESTBOOK form.  Test it to see if it works.  Then, move on to your ORDER FORM!  I have updated the assignment a bit, to make sure everything works.  You should have an updated assignment at your station.  See you tomorrow 🙂
  • Animation Classes:  Continue with your Google Sketchup House / Building.  Make sure you are reading and following directions and requirements.  I would strongly suggest not to put in any walls until you have your plan drawn out and MEASURED!
  • AP Java Classes:  Continue with AntHill Lab.  Take advantage of the booklet to help you decide which methods you need.

see you on Thursday 🙂
Mr. Eliot