Family Emergency Nov 12th

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Hello everyone, sorry I’m not in class today. This morning, as first period started, I found out that we had a death in the family. I’m off to help out as much as I can today. I will see you tomorrow hopefully, but I’m not 100% sure. Please do the following depending on your class.

AP COMP SCI: Continue on with ICT L10, StringUtil. Use the pseudocode to help you as much as you can. If for some reason I’m not here on Wednesday, continue working on ICT L10 as normal, and I’ll be here to help on Thursday.

MOBILE GAME: Continue working on your 2D Platformer game. Sometime this week (probably Thursday), we will add touch controls to the game, and test it a bit on your Android device. If for some reason I’m not here on Wednesday, continue working on your 2D Platformer as normal.

ANIMATION PROJECTS: You have today and tomorrow to finish up ICT L06, Walking Cycle. On Thursday, we’ll start the Rotoscoping assignment. If for some reason I’m not here on Wednesday, don’t forget to turn in Assignment06. It is STILL DUE tomorrow! On Thursday, we will start our Rotoscoping assignment.

Thanks, and I’ll see you soon,
Mr. Eliot

Mr. Riggs, Guest Teacher, Friday, October 25th

Hello students!

I hope you have a great day today. I am in New York visiting my daughter at college. I will be back on Monday, and will answer any questions you may have then. Here are my expectations for today:

Period 01 & 02: AP Computer Science
Good morning! You should be working on ICT Lesson 08 (both parts!). Make sure that your IF statements satisfy the 7 different possible situations in the Mail program! I would strongly suggest that you test your program a number of times, and try different value. Next Wednesday, will be Quiz #3. I will talk more about it on Monday.

Period 03 & 04: Mobile Game Development and Design
Good morning! Continue working on applying the custom THEME to the Defender Game. Make sure you replace ALL of the old backgounds, images, the cannon, and sounds! This assignment will be due next week. We will talk more about when it is due on Monday.

Period 05 Animation Projects
Good afternoon! Today, you should finish, upload, and turn in Assignment 05: Elements Of Art and Principles Of Design. As you always do, upload and rename both the FLA file and SWF file needed to “play” your assignment. If your assignment is not showing up well, close your web browser and restart it. Next week, on Monday, we will start working with stick figures on something called a “Walking Cycle”.

AP Computer Science Home Install

OK, our second attempt at the AP Computer Science Home Install for Windows and MacOS. Thank you for your patience!

(1) The Windows Install has been improved by fixing two issues, especially for Windows 10. So if the windows install doesn’t work for you, try it again. Also, the Windows install has been made SIMPLER with only two things to install now.

(2) The Mac Install has not been changed, but the data file has been cleaned up so it should also work better.


AP Computer Science A Exam Results for 2019

Congratulations to the YLHS AP Computer Science A students. This year, we had a 97.4% passing rate. This is the best passing rate we’ve had in a long while. Of the 38 students that took the exam, only one did not pass. As a teacher, I try not to get too wrapped up in AP scores, since it is the students who take the exam, not me. Having said that, I’m very proud of you all!

Semester 02 Grade Info

Below are some frequently asked questions and answers regarding Second Semester grades:

Q:  When Will Semester Grades Be Available?
A:  Final Grades for all courses will be available on Aeries by Friday, June 14th.  It is very possible that grades might be available sooner. All PYLUSD teachers have until Tuesday June 18th at noon to turn in grades on time.

Q:  Can I Turn In Late Work To Fix My Grade?
A:  Until Friday, June7th at 5:00pm, yes, as long as the assignment is a recent one and shows up on Aeries as a “missing assignment”.  All missing/late work after Friday, June 7th at 5:00pm will be a zero grade, cannot be changed, and will not be taken late.  On Friday June 7th, at 5:00pm, all websites will be disabled so that uploads will not be taken. Mobile App class has a different deadline shared with that class.

Q:  In Mobile App or Animation Projects, I missed a grade by a few points, will you round it up?
A:  No, please see the course info packet you signed in September in the section “Class Grading Scale” regarding this topic.

Q:  In AP Computer Science, I missed a grade by a few points, will you round it up?
A:   No, please see the course info packet you signed in September in the section “Class Grading Scale” regarding this topic.   I would like to point out that I scaled all five quizzes that we took this semester, I provided an Extra Credit project for quiz extra credit, and I scaled the semester Final exam.  In short, I have provided a number of opportunities for **every** AP Comp Sci. student to reach the next higher grade if they are close enough.

Have a great summer, thank you all for your hard work, and good luck Seniors with your future!
Mr. Eliot

Guest Teacher, Friday, May 31st.

Hello Students!

I will be in Portland Oregon today for a reunion. Today, our guest teacher is Ms. Watkins. Please welcome her to our classroom.

Your final project is due one week from today! The cabinet with your Galaxy Tab A tablets is currently unlocked. After the Guest Teacher takes roll, please use your tablet. Put your tablet back at the end of the period.

Your final project is due one week from today! Please continue to work on your final project!!

Please continue to work on the Finch Robot assignment. I will be available to check your work on Monday, so if you finish StraightEdgeRaveFinch, then continue on to MotorFinchGUI!
5th period: The cabinets are open to access the Finch Robots. Once you are done with your Finches, please place them on the top of the cart by the whiteboard so that 6th period can access them easily.
6th period: The Finches should be on the top of the cart by the whiteboard. Once you are done, please place your Finches INSIDE THE CABINET. Don’t worry about the numerical order, just stack them in a 4×4 2D Array similar to this photo: