Guest Teacher, AP Comp Sci, 5-28-2019

Hello AP Comp Sci. Students! Ms. Ruby will be our guest teacher today while I take the YLHS E-Sports team to the UCI E-Sports Arena. Please make her feel welcome, and continue to work on StraightEdgeRaveFinch today.

5th period: The cabinets are open to access the Finch Robots. Once you are done with your Finches, please place them on the top of the cart by the whiteboard so that 6th period can access them.
6th period: The Finches should be on the top of the cart by the whiteboard. Once you are done, please place your Finches INSIDE THE CABINET. Don’t worry about the numerical order, just stack them in a 4×4 2D Array similar to this photo:

A reminder that you Semester Final worth 20% of your grade starts tomorrow. Tomorrow you will have 50 questions in 45 minutes. Thursday will be the same 50 questions in 45 minutes. All 100 questions will be 80-90% second semester material, and 10-20% first semester material. About half of the questions will have short bits of code and about half of the questions will be regarding Java vocabulary, definitions, and keywords.

Some major topics include: ArrayList, , Wrapper classes, Arrays (1D, 2D), Quadratic sorts, Recursive sorts, Binary Search, Order Of Algorithm, DeMorgan’s Theorem, Interfaces, Inheritance, Polymorphism, Encapsulation, Abstract Classes, Binary/Octal/Hexadecimal numbering. Some first semester topics include: Naming variables/identifiers, Primitive data types, String Class, Object References, Math.random(), equals(), and compareTo() methods. A reminder that you are allowed a single notes sheet. You must use the sheet I provided, not just any sheet of paper.

Extra final exam notes sheets are on the bottom of the cart near the whiteboard.