AP Comp Sci: 4th Quarter

Hello AP Comp Sci students. Two important things about 4th quarter that starts TODAY, Monday, April 13th.

FIRST: There will be three main activities during 4th quarter:
(1) The monthlong review period as we get ready for the AP Exam at 1pm PST on Friday, May 15th. This will include quizzes, and assignments that will be graded. Whether you are taking the AP exam or not, these will be required.
(2) Your Semester Final Exam, which will remain multiple choice, though it might be shorter than 100 questions. We’ll deal with that after the AP exam.
(3) A final lab activity, also after the AP Exam, perhaps one of the official AP labs.
** Due to our inability to be at YLHS, there will NOT be a Finch robot lab this year, sorry

SECOND: You need to get ready NOW to use the AP Classroom website often:
(1) Make sure you have Zoom installed on a Windows or Mac laptop with solid Internet. You can’t use your phone or tablet for this. Laptop or Desktop computer with a webcam is strongly recommended.
(2) Make sure you can log into the AP Classroom Website (https://myap.collegeboard.org/).
(3) Install the AP LockDown Browser (https://apclassroom.collegeboard.org/lockdown). We will be using it in class for AP Exam preparation, quizzes, and you might even need it for the AP Exam itself!