Optional AP Comp Sci Quizzes

Hello AP Computer Science students. Two optional AP Computer Science quizzes will be offered for interested students. These optional quizzes are designed only for students with “B” or lower grades to possibly move up their grades.

These quizzes will be given The week of May 25th to May 29th and the week of June 1st to June 5th. Students may optionally take one or both of these quizzes. Most likely, both quizzes will be offered on Wednesday. The final date and time will be published at least 48 hours before each quiz. No makeup opportunities will be provided, so students are expected to show up on time, or not take these optional quizzes.

Students who do not take these optional quizzes will NOT have their grades affected. Students with “A” (A-, A, A+) 3rd quarter grades are not welcome to take these quizzes, since their 3rd quarter “A” grade is already locked in by district policy and will not change.

These quizzes will be scaled appropriately as all other AP Comp Sci quizzes were throughout the school year. There is no guarantee that either of these quizzes will “move up” a student’s grade. In fact, the student’s 4th quarter grade could drop as a result of taking one or more of these quizzes. Again, the final grade semester is guaranteed NOT to drop below the 3rd quarter grade.

* Both quizzes can have multiple choice, short answer, and FRQ questions.
* Both quizzes will expect students to use and write Java code including single code lines, code segments, code methods, and possibly even short classes.
* QUIZ #1 will focus on loops (while, for, for-each), arrays (1D and 2D arrays), and ArrayList with additional general Java content including keywords and terminology.
* QUIZ #2 will focus on Strings, use of String methods, recursion, classes, polymorphism with additional general Java content including keywords and terminology.