Semester 02 Grades for AP Classes


A reminder that final grades are not adjusted because the student was “close” to the next higher grade. As the course info packet from August 2021 states:

No grade adjustments are made for students who are “close” to a particular grade. So an 89.99% grade is a B+ grade, and will not be “rounded up” to an A- grade. Grades reflect mastery of course content, not the effort expended by the student during the final few weeks of class. Plan ahead, track your grade closely, and work in advance to earn the grade you desire.

Beyond this statement, I have scaled every quiz this year, I have scaled the semester final, and I have provided an extra credit project each semester to assist students in reaching the next higher grade. In short, I have done my part to assist every student in “moving up” to the next higher grade.

Thank you for all of your hard work in this class…

Mr. Eliot