Adv. Web AS16: phpBB Install


We’re going to install phpBB shortly.  Like WordPress, the phpBB authors recently came out with a 3.0 version of the software.  To install that, take a look at my OLD phpBB message board HERE for install instructions.  Note that this time, we are going to install a “BZip 2” archive (.bz2 file).  BZIP is a different, but similar program to GZIP that we have used many times.  The command to use it in Putty is:

bzip2 whatever.tar     (create a .bz2 archive from the .tar file)
bunzip2 whatever.bz2     (get the .tar file out of a .bz2 archive)

Adv. Web AS15: .htaccess & .htpasswd

Apache Logo

An important skill for a webmaster is the ability to password protect a directory. The easiest way to do that (and other cool tricks) is to learn how to create .htaccess and .htpasswd files. Here is a link that helps create those files HERE. Also, a tutorial that explains how to use .htaccess files to do some other tricks can be found HERE.

Working example of a redirect:
Redirect 301 /index.html

Another cool thing that an .htaccess file can do is redirect your homepage. Part of your assignment is to get rid of your old homepage, and REDIRECT visitors to your WordPress blog homepage. You can find a tutorial that explains “301 redirects” HERE.

Adv. Web AS11: Simple Guestbook

Guestbook Image

For our next assignment, we will create a simple guestbook using a text file. The guestbook will be a form that submits to itself. The key to this assignment is the ORDER that operations are completed. First the file should be written, then read, and then the entry form is displayed for NEW guestbook entries. Check out my version of the assignment HERE.  You can also see how the data file looks HERE.

Adv. Web AS10: Cookies and Sessions


Ok, this is one of our big lessons. In this assignment, we learn how web browsers know who you are. Browsers use cookies and sessions to maintain personalized settings AND to maintain the security of your login to a web site. Check out my version of Assignment 10a HERE.

Adv. Web AS09: Sticky Forms

Sticky forms are forms that submit to themselves until all data entered by the user is correct. At that point, they give a confirmation message that the form was correct and usually send a confirmation email. Check out my version of AS09 HERE.