More Memory For Everyone!

Hard Drive Photo

Over the past few days, I have upgraded ALL students from 30 megs of FTP storage to 50 megs of FTP Storage. That’s 67% more. All at no additional cost to you the student!

This is mainly for the Intro Web Design classes who are working on multimedia and Flash and need more space. It will also be useful for Visual Basic and Advanced Web, who can use it for projects.

Sorry Java, this doesn’t really mean much to you I guess. Maybe it will help with the robots we are starting in early May




Over the past few days, I have updated to Firefox and the Daylight Savings Time settings on your computers. Please let me know if either of these doesn’t seem to work correctly.

Sub Today


Hello everyone. I’m sorry I can’t be there to answer your questions today. I will be near Palm Springs touring Cathedral City High School. I hope to make up for it tomorrow:

WEB DESIGN: Continue working on your Frames Assignment. It will be due Wednesday. Don’t forget there will be a Frames Quiz tomorrow (tuesday). Progress grades come out tomorrow. Please upload anything late that you need me to grade TODAY.

AP JAVA: Keep working on the MergeSort Assignment. Use the code I provided to help. I am ready to discuss QuickSort on Wednesday, hopefully you will be too. We will finish sorting with that discussion. Today I will be grading Assignments 15, 16, and 17 for progress grades. Please make sure you gave me a .ZIP file to grade for all three assignments and that you turned in any worksheets that are required!

ADV WEB DESIGN: Continue with the MySQL Hangman assignment. I have tentatively scheduled for us to finish this assignment Wednesday, but that depends on where everybody is when I check on your progress tomorrow. I have graded your first two assignments (12 and 13) for progress grades. If you didn’t upload a .ZIP file for either assignment, today is your last chance. Please check your grades.

VISUAL BASIC: Please continue with the Sorting and Searching assignment. Remember to compare your results with the results of other students near you. If you are done, don’t forget to complete the Excel Spreadsheet. Quiz on Thursday regarding sorting and searching.

I hope you all have a great day 🙂