Substitute Teacher

Hello fine students,

I will see you again on Monday. Today, I am in Monterey at a Technology Conference. Mr Stoecklein (pronounced Stek-Line) will be our guest teacher for today.

  • WEB DESIGN: Continue with your STYLE SHEETS assignment. This assignment will be due Tuesday or Wednesday next week. Don’t forget to upload all 5 pages to your website AND link them so I can grade them.
  • AP JAVA: We will be finishing this assignment probably Monday or Tuesday next week. If you finish early, you may browse the internet from your assigned seat.
  • ADV. WEB DESIGN: Everyone should still be working on the assignment. Nobody should be playing games online since I am not here to OK your assignment upload and check your CSS and XHTML validation.
  • KEYBOARDING: In the book, please work on Ex C-2 to Ex C-7. After that, create and UPLOAD your .ZIP file for this week. Include everything we did this week INCLUDING TODAY’S WORK. When finished, browse online from your assigned seat.

Have a great weekend everyone. Web Design students, I hope to grade the GIMP assignment this weekend 🙂

Adv. Web AS09: Sticky Forms

Sticky forms are forms that submit to themselves until all data entered by the user is correct. At that point, they give a confirmation message that the form was correct and usually send a confirmation email. Check out my version of AS09 HERE.