Guest Teacher Tuesday

I will be at a district meeting all day on Tuesday, October 21st. Our guest teacher is scheduled to be Mr. Werts.  For each class, here’s what you will be doing:


  • You will be completing your last TypingMaster lesson (Numeric Keypad #3). On Wednesday, we have our last TypingMaster test. We will have a catch-up day on Thursday to make sure everyone finishes their keyboarding work. Friday, we will close TypingMaster for good and start working with Microsoft Office.

Beginning Programming (Visual Basic):

  • You will be working on Assignment 04. Assignment 04 is due at the beginning of the period on Thursday October 23rd. We will start Assignment 05 on Thursday.

Beginning Web Design:

  • You will be continuing work on Part 02, SHAPES of the GIMP assignment. Log in to and read/print Assignment 04 if you do not know what to do. On Wednesday, October 22nd, we will start the next part of the GIMP assignment, as we learn how to colorize black and white photos!