My daughter is sick


Hello Keyboarding, Animation, and Web Design students 🙂

Sorry I can’t be there today.  My daughter has the flu, and has been running a temperature for 3 days now.  I will be back tomorrow (Tuesday).  In the meantime, here’s what you should be doing today:

KEYBOARDING: Touch Typing Lesson #10 is up for today.  On Friday, we start “Speed Building” and then Technique Observations early next week.

ANIMATION: You should either be working on your animation, or uploading your animation as Assignment 02 to your website.

WEB DESIGN: Please continue working on Who Wants To Be A Millionaire.  Remember, 10 questions of increasing difficulty.

See your tomorrow…

Mr. Eliot

Welcome New Students


Welcome Mustangs!  Congratulations on being the first students that Yorba Linda High School has ever had.  Over the next semester and year, I hope you enjoy what you learn in my classes.

Here is my daily schedule:

Period 01:  Conference Period
Period 02:  Technology Assistance to YLHS staff
Period 03:  Keyboarding and Microsoft Office
Period 04:  Introduction To Animation
Period 05:  Web Page Design
Period 06:  Technology Assistance to YLHS staff