Good luck to Sophomores taking the “High School Exit Exam” (CAHSEE) on March 16th and March 17th. This should affect the schedules for Web Design and for Animation, but not for Keyboarding hopefully.

Cue Followup Animation Assignments

Thanks for the kind words those of you who attended my CUE 2010 presentation on Open Source Animation.  Attached, you will find a .ZIP file containing my first nine assignments in PDF format.  These assignments use Pencil and Pivot (Stykz) about half the time and Adobe Flash CS4 the other half.  Fell free to repurpose these and make these your own.

No warranty expressed or implied.  Use at your own risk.  Driver does not carry cash 🙂


CUE 2010 Friday Presentation

I will be presenting at CUE on Friday, March 5th, 2010.  My presentation during Session 2 is entitled, “Open Source 2D and 3D Animation software”.  More info below:

Dan Eliot        2077
Friday, March 5
11:30 am – 12:30 pm

This presentation discusses three open source animation titles; Pencil, Pivot, and Art Of Illusion.  Together, these titles could be used as the basis of an animation unit or course.
Beginning, Intermediate, 9 – 12
TL            Oasis 4            Palm Springs Convention Center

Here is a PDF version of the presentation for printing:  cue_2010_animation.ppt.pdf

I will be gone part of Tuesday, and all of Friday

To all of my students.  I will be attending TWO conferences this week.  The first will be Tuesday (5th period only).  I am going to the Perkins Grant Conference in Garden Grove.  On Friday, I will be gone the entire day to the CUE Conference in Palm Springs, where I will be a presenter to a group of teachers.

Thank you for your patience!

3rd Period:
I will be in class
4th Period: I will be in class
5th Period: Please complete “Speed Building” Lesson #1.

FRIDAY:  Guest Teacher, Mr Stoecklein (pronounced “steck line”)
3rd Period: Continue working on Assignment 03, Tables
4th Period: Continue working on Assignment 09, Shape Tweening
5th Period: Please complete “Speed Building” Lesson #3

Please say hello to Mr. Stoecklein for me, and have a great weekend.  This should be the last time I’m gone this year, hopefully 🙂