Thank you for being in my class this semester.  I hope you have a great 16 days off over winter break.  During the period today, please come up and enjoy some hot apple cider and a  Blueberry Scone (pastry) to go with it!

1 Crock Pot
96 ounce (or bigger) Bottle Apple Juice
1 Box Martinelli’s Mulling Spices
(OR Celestial Seasonings Cinnamon Apple Spice Tea)

Put apple juice in Crock Pot, add 5-8 bags of Mulling Spices /  Tea.  Heat on HIGH for first hour, then turn down to LOW setting.  As you use Hot Cider, add more bags of Mulling Spices / Tea and take out old “used” bags.  Serve HOT!! in coffee/tea cups, sip carefully since it’s HOT!!