Step Up To Writing Paragraph, Thursday May 12th

On Thursday May12th, computers will be off in all classes as we complete a project required by YLHS and our Language Arts department.  We will be doing a paragraph following the “Step Up To Writing” format.  I will provide some ideas and suggest some topics.  The paragraph you write must be related to computers, technology, etc.  This assignment is worth 25 points in this class (12pts for AP Computer Science), and DOES AFFECT your grade in this class.  The complete paragraph is due FRIDAY, MAY 13th, 2011 if you want full credit.


  • You will be provided with handouts to assist you with your draft / pre-write process.
  • The YLHS Research Paper Style Guide can be found HERE.
  • A Microsoft Word template will be created together to help with formatting.
  • Your final paragraph should be PRINTED on paper from Word.
  • Turn in (top to bottom) –> Grading Sheet –> Pre-write –> Final Typed Paragraph
  • Mr. Eliot will grade these for this class, then forward them to your Language Arts Teacher.