January 10th, Sick Daughter, Guest Teacher

My daughter is sick today, so I will be staying home to keep an eye on her.  Please continue to work on your assignments:

ANIMATION, P2:  Continue with the Rotoscoping Assignment.

VISUAL BASIC, P4:  Continue with your Semester Projects.  Signups are over, and no more changes to your projects. Colin T. and Beeta F., I solved the Transparent Picturebox issue.  Look on your W: Drive for a .ZIP file that has a solution.  If you don’t understand what I did, I will explain on Wednesday.

AP JAVA, P5:  Continue with L13.  The due date on this assignment will not change due to my absence, so keep working to turn L13 in on Thursday.

KEYBOARDING / MS OFFICE:  Continue working on your PowerPoint project.  Please wait until the sub has taken roll before moving to sit with your partner.

See you on Wednesday 🙂
Mr. Eliot