Guest Teacher, Mrs. Sappington, 4-6 Period, Tuesday, Feb 26th


From 4th to 6th period on Tuesday, February 26th, I will be at the District office helping interview potential new “Technology Assistants”.  I have been invited to help conduct these interviews by the District.  For Web Design in the morning, I will not be gone.  For Animation and AP Java, here’s what I’d like you to do during your classes on Tuesday:

ANIMATION:  Get started on Bone Tool Assignment.  Check the website for details, read the assignment please for directions.

AP JAVA:  Complete Sorting Assignments, L17, L18, L25, and L26 (see below).  Prepare for quiz tomorrow (Wednesday) on Quadratic Sorts, Order Of Algorithm, and AP Multiple Choice from the AP Course Description booklet.

Sorting Assignment Checklist:

  1. Finish both pages of sorting worksheet
  2. Complete Step Counting code, compare to others
  3. Transfer final Steps data to Excel Spreadsheet
  4. Paste at least one sample run for each of the 5 sorts into the Sorting Tester
  5. Upload .ZIP File (Sorting code with sample runs, Excel Spreadsheet with graphs)


Mr. Eliot