Guest Teacher, Wednesday, April 17th


Guest Teacher Wednesday.  El Dorado High School Chemistry teacher (and my friend) Mrs. Grosse is retiring this year.  On Wednesday, April 17th, I will be attending a retirement lunch in her honor.  On that day, all of my classes will have a Guest Teacher.

  • Web Page Design:  Continue with your Forms Assignment.  Design your GUESTBOOK form.  Test it to see if it works.  Then, move on to your ORDER FORM!  I have updated the assignment a bit, to make sure everything works.  You should have an updated assignment at your station.  See you tomorrow 🙂
  • Animation Classes:  Continue with your Google Sketchup House / Building.  Make sure you are reading and following directions and requirements.  I would strongly suggest not to put in any walls until you have your plan drawn out and MEASURED!
  • AP Java Classes:  Continue with AntHill Lab.  Take advantage of the booklet to help you decide which methods you need.

see you on Thursday 🙂
Mr. Eliot