All Classes, Semester Grades

gradesHello students!

Thank you all for doing a great job with finals.  I appreciate your effort, cooperation, and positive attitude.  I hope you have a great 3 day weekend.  Here’s when final grades will be available by class.

Your final grade is available now.  I will be double checking the grades this evening, to make sure I didn’t miss any makeup or late assignments.  Beyond that, what you see now is your final grade.  As I stated in the course info packet in September, I do not “round grades”.  To assist you in getting the higher grade you desire, I have already:

  • Scaled all 5 quizzes you previously took
  • Scaled the final exam today by 5 points
  • Provided an optional extra credit opportunity in December

So I will not be making any further changes to the grade you have earned.


Your final grade will be available once I grade Assignment 08.  I will be doing that either Thursday or Friday.  I graded Assignment 07 last night and recorded it on Aeries.  Your SCALED final exam score has already been added to your grade.


Your final grade will be available once I grade Assignments 06 & 07.  I will be grading your work either Saturday or Sunday.  Your SCALED final exam score has already been added in to your grade.

All classes.  Grades are due by teachers on Tuesday, January 27th.  Any questions you have regarding mistakes or errors should be addressed on Monday, January 26th in class.

Mr. Eliot

Last Day For First Semester Credit, Friday January 16th, by 5:00pm

timesupJust a reminder that the last day to turn in ANY WORK for First Semester in all classes is Friday, January 16th by 5:00pm.  Grades are due the following week, so I must set this deadline to give time for grading (see course info packet).  On Friday, January 16th at 5:00pm, all websites will be disabled for uploading of assignments.

Semester grades will be on Aeries by Monday, January 26th if not sooner 🙂