Mr. Eliot Out on 2-5-2015

flu-shot-cartoonHello everyone,

Sorry I can’t be there today.  My daughter has the flu, and is running a 103.5 temperature as I write this.  Listed below is important information for each period.  Please read carefully.  I hope to see you on Friday if my daughter is better.

The assignment is due on Monday now instead of tomorrow.  Please use the extra day to your advantage.  Don’t forget to add sound to your Stop Motion animation and any effects you want in Flash.  Also don’t forget that each student needs to upload the FLA and SWF files to their own web page.  Mr. Madden should be here today, and he can help with some issues you might have.

IMPORTANT:  If your FLA file ends up too large to upload, simply make it into a ZIP file (Right Click –> 7-ZIP –> Add To Archive).  This should make the FLA much smaller to upload.  You are allowed to upload .ZIP files for the FLA file, but not the SWF movie.


Sorry we rushed so much yesterday.  I should have just gone slower, but I knew I’d probably be out today.  Thanks to Robert and Vanessa who spotted another problem with the code.  We will discuss this when I get back.

(1)  You can use Paint, Photoshop, Irfanview or GIMP to create the mazes you will need.  I do not recommend Adobe Illustrator for this.  You should create at least FOUR mazes.  Incorporate a green square at the “finish line” of each maze.  Also, incorporate blue transporters, and other types of squares you would like to invent and use.

(2)  If you would like, I have also uploaded a PDF file to the class website with the complete code.  I have highlighted in yellow the changes we need to get the code working.  Compare your code to the code in the PDF, and see if you can fix any mistakes or missing information.  When I return, we will go over the code step by step and make sure it works.

(3)  Finally, we have new IOS app signing keys since two students have new phones this week.

Period 5 & Period 6 AP COMP SCI:

Please finish up and upload Lesson 16.  Please remember that Lesson 16 should have SIX files in the .ZIP file (,, numbers.txt,,, and compact.txt).

Once you have uploaded Lesson 16, work on Lesson 23.1.  Upon my return, I will provide two things to help with this assignment.  (1)  We will do a “tour” of the code.  (2)  I will provide pseudocode for two of the most important methods we will write.

Have a great day,
Mr. Eliot