AP Comp Sci grades are posted

AP Comp Sci. students,

Final grades have been posted, please check Aeries. Thank you for being in my class this semester.  You all worked very hard, and you should be proud of what you have accomplished.  At this point, I occasionally get emails asking if I will “round up” Semester grades.  Please see the class info packet distributed in September, where I discuss this topic.  The short answer is “no”, I will not.

Here are the reasons why:

  • All five quizzes we have taken this semester were scaled
  • An extra credit project was provided this semester
  • The Step Up To Writing assignment was scaled
  • The Semester Final Exam was scaled

In short, I have already made a number of contributions to assist you in moving to the next grade level.  No further “scaling” or “rounding” changes of any kind will be made.

Mr. Eliot

Lab Availability This Week

If you need extra time before EVERYTHING is due on Friday, January 20th, here is the schedule for the lab:

TUESDAY:         Lab Open At Lunch, Lab NOT open after school
WEDNESDAY:   Lab Open At Lunch, Lab open after school
THURSDAY:      Lab Open At Lunch, Lab NOT open after school
FRIDAY:             Lab Open At Lunch, Lab open after school

All Work Due Friday, January 20th

All work for first semester credit is due by Friday, January 20th at 5:00pm.  After that point, the website will be locked down, uploads will not work for any class including animation.  Make sure you turn in ANYTHING that you would like credit for by this deadline.

Mr. Eliot