Guest Teacher Ms. Watkins Fri, May 11th

Please welcome our Guest Teacher, Ms. Watkins!

Reminder that you will not have phones today.  If you need your wireframe drawings approved, please wait until MONDAY.  Please do not give your wireframes to the Guest Teacher.  The Guest Teacher will return wireframes to a four of you.  Please help them with this process.

You should be working on your Semester Project today!  Remember to use the “good” Genymotion Emulator instead of your phone; (1) Run the AI Starter Program, (2)  Run MIT App Inventor, (3)  Run Genymotion Android Emulator and press START, (4) In MIT App Inventor, select “Connect –> USB“.  You must use USB for the emulator, not WiFi.


If you don’t have your storyboard approved yet, hold on to those until MONDAY.  Do not give your storyboards to the Guest Teacher please. The Guest Teacher will return storyboards to most of you.  Please help them with this process since they may not know your names well.

You should be working on your Semester Project today, or perhaps on Assignment 15 today in Blender.  I would not expect anybody to be watching videos, playing games, etc.  You ALL have things to do for this class.  If you need sounds for your project, do that next week please.


If you are using computers, please be doing something productive and for school.  Ideally, Multiple Choice and FRQ questions for the AP Comp Sci Exam on Tuesday!  Please be respectful of those near you trying to study for AP tests 🙂

If you would like to work on paperwork, etc for another class, then please log off of your computer.  REMINDER:  If you would like more ICT review, please come on Sunday, at 2:30pm.  It will take about 3 hours +/-, and snacks and water will be provided.  Finally, AP Comp Sci students, please take this survey now to help me know how much I need to buy for snacks… (CLICK HERE)


All students, have a great weekend, and I’ll see you on Monday,
Mr. Eliot