Guest Teacher Wednesday September 5th (Morning Only)

Hello students!

As I mentioned in class, I will be helping to interview potential Assistant Principals for YLHS this morning.  I should NOT be missing AP Computer Science in the afternoon 5th and 6th periods.  Your Guest Teacher for the morning classes is Mr. Womack. Please make him fell welcome here at YLHS.

For my morning students, please do the following while I’m gone:

(1)  MOBILE APP DEVELOPMENT PERIOD 01:  Please finish the Magic 8 Ball assignment while I am gone.  There are some NEW THINGS to add to the assignment directions that can be found in the assignment handout.  You can find that information by logging in to the courses website using your password.  Look for the document in this weeks schedule named “Mobile App Assignment 00“.  When I get back tomorrow we will turn Magic 8 Ball in together and start assignment 02!

(2)  ANIMATION PROJECTS PERIOD 02:  Please finish up the Bouncing Ball Assignment.  Please remember to read the directions from last week.  Please remember to complete all THREE layers that you need.  When I get back tomorrow, we will upload and turn in the Bouncing Ball assignment on the website!