YLHS E-Sports Team as selected by Coach Drake

Congratulations to the YLHS Fall 2018 Overwatch team.  The following students were selected on Wednesday October 3rd after three hours of tryouts.  Coach Drake had this to say about the selection process:

“It was hard to choose the list, I’m sure all the kids who didn’t make the team would have been perfectly fun to play with and had potential.  That being said, I noticed this group to have the best communication, game-play, adaptability, and potential.  Congratulations to the team and I’m looking forward to next week!”

Week 01 Main Team
Ethan Tsai
Evan Restivo
Ryan Sahyoun
Martin Geng
Brendon Cramer
John Sledge

Week 01 Alternates
Jacob Girgis
Kyle McKechnie
Aaron Siegler
Daniel Zhou
Tony Cheng
Michael Pratt