League Of Legends Team

Congratulations to the 2019 YLHS E-Sports League Of Legends team. The following students were selected this week after five hours of tryouts. Coach Drake had this to say about the selection process:

“I had a VERY difficult time selecting the players. There were a number of qualified players who didn’t make the team would had potential to make the team. That being said, I noticed this group to have the best communication, game-play, adaptability, ranking, and potential. Congratulations to the team and I’m looking forward to working with them after winter break!” First practice will be 3:00pm, January 9th 2019.


Siwen (Sam) Tao at (ADC)
Hengyu (Henry) Shi at (TOP)
Jiatain (Jaden) He at (MID)
Evan Restivo at (JUNGLE)
** Daniel Zhou at (SUPPORT)


Jude Thamm at (ADC)
Aaron Siegler at (TOP)
Derek Hull (MID)
Zeyang (Zach) Xuan (JUNGLE)
** Richard Du (SUPPORT)

** = Daniel and Richard will be rotating as the STARTING Team Support.

Mr. Eliot gone periods 1&2 on Tuesday

Hello First and Second period students.  Sorry I am not here today.  I found about this late in the day yesterday.  I am at the District office in a meeting seeking approval for changes to the Mobile App class for next year.  I will be back tomorrow.

Please continue to work on your Semester Project.  You will not have your phones today, so use Genymotion to preview your projects as you work.  There are instructions on Courses.MrEliot.com to help you use Genymotion, or ask a student near you.

Please continue to work on your Rotoscoping assignment which is due Friday.  Tomorrow (Wednesday), I will discuss removing ununsed frames, removing the video, and adding sound to the assignment.