Mr. Riggs, Guest Teacher, Friday, October 25th

Hello students!

I hope you have a great day today. I am in New York visiting my daughter at college. I will be back on Monday, and will answer any questions you may have then. Here are my expectations for today:

Period 01 & 02: AP Computer Science
Good morning! You should be working on ICT Lesson 08 (both parts!). Make sure that your IF statements satisfy the 7 different possible situations in the Mail program! I would strongly suggest that you test your program a number of times, and try different value. Next Wednesday, will be Quiz #3. I will talk more about it on Monday.

Period 03 & 04: Mobile Game Development and Design
Good morning! Continue working on applying the custom THEME to the Defender Game. Make sure you replace ALL of the old backgounds, images, the cannon, and sounds! This assignment will be due next week. We will talk more about when it is due on Monday.

Period 05 Animation Projects
Good afternoon! Today, you should finish, upload, and turn in Assignment 05: Elements Of Art and Principles Of Design. As you always do, upload and rename both the FLA file and SWF file needed to “play” your assignment. If your assignment is not showing up well, close your web browser and restart it. Next week, on Monday, we will start working with stick figures on something called a “Walking Cycle”.