APCS-P Create Task Due 3-31-2023 at 5:00pm

The APCS-P Create Task is due **FINALIZED** on Friday March 31st before 5:00pm on the CollegeBoard AP Digital Portfolio website. Also, your series of MIT App Inventor AIA files is due in the “CreateTaskFinalAIA” folder we created on your PYLUSD Google Drive. This sequence of files must be shared with Mr. Eliot to receive credit and you should add a FINAL AIA file to this folder on Friday March 31st.

Friday March 31st. will be the last class time devoted to working on the AP Create Task. The lab will not be open after school on Friday March 31st for any reason.

Create Task Code PDF, Video, and Written Response submissions are NOT taken by email or any other format beyond the **FINALIZED** version on the College Board AP Digital Portfolio website.

Students will be able to make modifications for one week until Friday April 7th before 5:00pm without any late penalty. Any Create Task left incomplete and/or unfinalized after Friday April 7th at 5:00pm will be marked late for every 24 hours late. This includes weekends and holidays as per the Course Info packet from August 2022.

If you finalized any part of the Create Task early, and wish to perform additional work on it before Friday April 7th at 5:00pm, email Mr. Eliot directly (deliot *at* pylusd.org) **WELL BEFORE** Friday April 7th and ask me to “un-finalize” what you need to change/modify/update.

Classroom computers, Android tablets, and other equipment will not be available during Spring Break. If you decide to work on your AP Create Task during Spring Break, you do so on your own time, without Mr. Eliot’s assistance, with your own personal mobile devices.

AP Class Grades For Students Who Are “Close” To A Grade

A friendly reminder that final semester grades are not adjusted because the student was “close” to the next higher grade. As the course info packet from August 2022 clearly states:

No grade adjustments are made for students who are “close” to a particular grade. So an 89.99% grade is a B+ grade, and will not be “rounded up” to an A- grade. Grades reflect mastery of course content, not the effort expended by the student during the final few weeks of class. Plan ahead, track your grade closely, and work in advance to earn the grade you desire.

Beyond this statement, I have scaled every quiz this semester, I have scaled the semester final, and I have provided an extra credit project this semester to assist students in reaching the next higher grade. Also, for APCS-P, I scaled the Practice Create Task. In short, I have already done my part to assist every student in “moving up” to the next higher grade.

Thank you for all of your hard work in this class…

Mr. Eliot

APCS-P Quiz 03 Credit Recovery

For APCS-P Quiz 03 Question #2 only, **optional** credit recovery will happen as follows:

  • Monday, December 5th at lunch or after school
  • This is only available for students with a score of 22 or lower
  • Maximum of 8 points available
  • Students will be required to take a 4 question credit recovery quiz in 24 minutes
  • Points will be added to the original quiz score up to a maximum score of 23 points and not above!

    (you must be in class today to participate in credit recovery)

Mr. Eliot

I Will Be Out The Rest Of The Week

Sorry everyone! I’d rather be at school than home sick this week. I took COVID tests on Monday and Tuesday, both of which came up negative. Then I took one on Wednesday, which came up positive. So I will be out the rest of the week with COVID.

Continue working on ICT Lesson 10. Continue to use the Pseudocode to help you. You will have two full periods after Thanksgiving break before the assignment is due. Keep making progress. When we get back on the Monday after Thanksgiving, I will discuss the things I planned on discussing Friday.

You should at least complete through Unit 5.4. When we get back after Thanksgiving I will discuss Procedures with parameters, searching, and “reasonable time”.Also, Android tablets will likely not be available. Use the emulator or your personal phone.

We will discuss adding touch controls for Android after Thanksgiving. Please keep working on your levels for the 2D platformer. Make sure you are checking the directions for the assignment as you work.

Jay, keep working on your project. Make sure you are doing your daily journal entries.

Mr. Eliot Absent 11-16-2022

Hope you guys feel better than I do…

Hello students. I am very ill today, that’s why I’m home. So far, I have not tested positive for COVID. I will test again today and see where I’m at:

AP Computer Science A Period 01:
Continue to make progress on ICT L10. The due date will not change due to my absence, so please keep that in mind and keep making progress. Check the schedule on my website for more detail.

AP Computer Science Principles Period 02 and Period 03:
Start working on Mobile CSP Unit 5. Today, you should be working on Unit 5.1 and 5.2. Due dates will not change, so make sure you are making progress. Check the schedule on my website for more detail.

Intro Mobile Game Development:
Continue working on your 2D Platformer game. The due date will not change because I’m gone, so continue to make progress. We will add Mobile UI when I return instead of today. Check the schedule on my website for more detail.

Adv Mobile Game Development:
Continue being awesome Jay.

Special Note to 3rd period APCS-P

(1) Thank you all for your patience with the delay in getting back your Create Task assignments. There was an issue that I was discussing with some other AP Teachers online and the College Board, which required that I wait much longer than I wanted before returning those scores. If you have any questions, please email me.

(2) Final project scores are also posted. Thank you all for putting so much effort into these final projects for the class. I enjoyed grading and running this wide variety of great projects on my Android tablet at home.

(3) Final grades are posted on Aeries, and comments on each assignment are available on my website. If you have any questions, please email me.

Have a great summer, and thanks for your hard work and patience as I finalized grades.

–Mr. Eliot