All work due Friday, January 18th

A reminder that all work for first semester credit is due by Friday, January 18th at 5:00pm.  After that point, the websites will be disabled and uploads to turn in assignments will not be available for all classes.  Make sure you turn in ANYTHING that you would like credit for by this deadline.

Semester Finals will be January 22nd to January 24th. Mobile App and Animation Projects have a 60 question final worth 60 points. AP Computer Science will have a 100 question final worth 20% of the semester grade. All finals are multiple choice.

Mr. Eliot

League Of Legends Team

Congratulations to the 2019 YLHS E-Sports League Of Legends team. The following students were selected this week after five hours of tryouts. Coach Drake had this to say about the selection process:

“I had a VERY difficult time selecting the players. There were a number of qualified players who didn’t make the team would had potential to make the team. That being said, I noticed this group to have the best communication, game-play, adaptability, ranking, and potential. Congratulations to the team and I’m looking forward to working with them after winter break!” First practice will be 3:00pm, January 9th 2019.


Siwen (Sam) Tao at (ADC)
Hengyu (Henry) Shi at (TOP)
Jiatain (Jaden) He at (MID)
Evan Restivo at (JUNGLE)
** Daniel Zhou at (SUPPORT)


Jude Thamm at (ADC)
Aaron Siegler at (TOP)
Derek Hull (MID)
Zeyang (Zach) Xuan (JUNGLE)
** Richard Du (SUPPORT)

** = Daniel and Richard will be rotating as the STARTING Team Support.

YLHS League Of Legends Tryouts

YLHS League Of Legends Tryouts will be held on Wednesday, December 19th and 20th from 3-6pm in Room 337.  If you are interested in trying out for our team, please visit THIS PAGE and fill out the form on that page before tryouts!

Mr. Eliot and Coach Drake

Mr. Eliot gone periods 1&2 on Tuesday

Hello First and Second period students.  Sorry I am not here today.  I found about this late in the day yesterday.  I am at the District office in a meeting seeking approval for changes to the Mobile App class for next year.  I will be back tomorrow.

Please continue to work on your Semester Project.  You will not have your phones today, so use Genymotion to preview your projects as you work.  There are instructions on to help you use Genymotion, or ask a student near you.

Please continue to work on your Rotoscoping assignment which is due Friday.  Tomorrow (Wednesday), I will discuss removing ununsed frames, removing the video, and adding sound to the assignment.

YLHS E-Sports Team as selected by Coach Drake

Congratulations to the YLHS Fall 2018 Overwatch team.  The following students were selected on Wednesday October 3rd after three hours of tryouts.  Coach Drake had this to say about the selection process:

“It was hard to choose the list, I’m sure all the kids who didn’t make the team would have been perfectly fun to play with and had potential.  That being said, I noticed this group to have the best communication, game-play, adaptability, and potential.  Congratulations to the team and I’m looking forward to next week!”

Week 01 Main Team
Ethan Tsai
Evan Restivo
Ryan Sahyoun
Martin Geng
Brendon Cramer
John Sledge

Week 01 Alternates
Jacob Girgis
Kyle McKechnie
Aaron Siegler
Daniel Zhou
Tony Cheng
Michael Pratt

Guest Teacher Wednesday September 5th (Morning Only)

Hello students!

As I mentioned in class, I will be helping to interview potential Assistant Principals for YLHS this morning.  I should NOT be missing AP Computer Science in the afternoon 5th and 6th periods.  Your Guest Teacher for the morning classes is Mr. Womack. Please make him fell welcome here at YLHS.

For my morning students, please do the following while I’m gone:

(1)  MOBILE APP DEVELOPMENT PERIOD 01:  Please finish the Magic 8 Ball assignment while I am gone.  There are some NEW THINGS to add to the assignment directions that can be found in the assignment handout.  You can find that information by logging in to the courses website using your password.  Look for the document in this weeks schedule named “Mobile App Assignment 00“.  When I get back tomorrow we will turn Magic 8 Ball in together and start assignment 02!

(2)  ANIMATION PROJECTS PERIOD 02:  Please finish up the Bouncing Ball Assignment.  Please remember to read the directions from last week.  Please remember to complete all THREE layers that you need.  When I get back tomorrow, we will upload and turn in the Bouncing Ball assignment on the website!

Google Form Assignment: A Bit About You

Please complete the Google Form linked below.  This will be included in your Class Info Packet Signatures grade, so YES, this counts 🙂

There are 10 questions, and this will take probably 5 minutes.  Please do this while I am giving out login stickers to students.  You will need to use your PYLUSD Google Account login to do this.  This is not anonymous!

The form is found here:

Welcome Back Students

Welcome to the 2018-2019 School year.  This is Yorba Linda High School’s 10th anniversary, so you will be part of a special year.  If you need to contact me, my email is  I am in the classroom most days at lunch, and most days after school if you need extra help.  Just drop by.



A bit about me:

  • I went to Magnolia High School in Anaheim CA
  • I live in Fullerton with my wife and daughter
  • I went to UCI for college, BS in Biology and my teaching credential
  • I went to UCR for a supplemental credential in Computer Concepts and Applications
  • I went to Azusa Pacific University for my Master’s in Educational Technology
  • I have taught  the C, C++, Java, JavaScript, Visual Basic, and PHP, programming languages
  • I have a CTE Credential in the “Information and Communication
    Technologies” industry sector
  • I became an “MIT App Inventor Master Trainer” this summer, one of 5 in California.
  • I am a Google Certified Educator, though my certification is outdated and needs to be renewed