Mr. Newell is our Guest Teacher, Friday, May 12th, 2017

On Friday, May 12th, I will be traveling to Vancouver Canada to visit some good friends for the day.  Mr. Newell will be our guest teacher.  Please make Mr. Newell feel at home, and show him the great work you are doing.  All students are expected to be in their assigned seat at all times for the entire period.

Your Blu Advance phones are in the cabinet under the board at the front of the classroom.  After Mr. Newell takes roll, please go get your phone.  The cords get tangled easily, so please be careful when removing your phone.  When the period ends, please wrap the USB cable around the phone and put it back in the same box.  Don’t worry about where in the box, I will organize them on Monday morning.  A reminder that your Semester Project is due one week from today!

Assignment 15 is due today!  Remember that you are uploading 8-16 total JPG images of your 3D object, and your 3D House.  Also, don’t forget to upload one BLEND file for your 3D object, and one BLEND file for your 3D House.  See the assignment directions for more information.

Your Finch Robots are in the cabinet under the board at the front of the classroom.  After Mr. Newell takes roll, please go get your Finch robot.  At the end of the period, please put back your Finch robot, inside the cabinet.  I will reorganize the robot numbering on Monday, so don’t worry about putting them back in numerical order.  If you need to be “checked” you will have to wait until Monday.  In the meantime, work on the next behavior as much as you can.  The starter code is this file [] available in the file downloads area!

See you on Monday,
Mr. Eliot

AP Comp Sci grades are posted

AP Comp Sci. students,

Final grades have been posted, please check Aeries. Thank you for being in my class this semester.  You all worked very hard, and you should be proud of what you have accomplished.  At this point, I occasionally get emails asking if I will “round up” Semester grades.  Please see the class info packet distributed in September, where I discuss this topic.  The short answer is “no”, I will not.

Here are the reasons why:

  • All five quizzes we have taken this semester were scaled
  • An extra credit project was provided this semester
  • The Step Up To Writing assignment was scaled
  • The Semester Final Exam was scaled

In short, I have already made a number of contributions to assist you in moving to the next grade level.  No further “scaling” or “rounding” changes of any kind will be made.

Mr. Eliot

Lab Availability This Week

If you need extra time before EVERYTHING is due on Friday, January 20th, here is the schedule for the lab:

TUESDAY:         Lab Open At Lunch, Lab NOT open after school
WEDNESDAY:   Lab Open At Lunch, Lab open after school
THURSDAY:      Lab Open At Lunch, Lab NOT open after school
FRIDAY:             Lab Open At Lunch, Lab open after school

All Work Due Friday, January 20th

All work for first semester credit is due by Friday, January 20th at 5:00pm.  After that point, the website will be locked down, uploads will not work for any class including animation.  Make sure you turn in ANYTHING that you would like credit for by this deadline.

Mr. Eliot

Lab Not Open After School, Dec 5-8

hourofcodeDue to Hour Of Code Week and meetings, the computer lab will not be open after school on Monday, Dec 5th, Tuesday Dec 6th, Wednesday Dec 7th, or Thursday Dec 8th.  Come in at lunch if you need extra lab time on those dates.

Mr. Eliot

Guest Teacher, Thursday, October 27th

illiminateAll Students,

On Thursday, October 27th, I will be attending Illuminate Training at the PYLUS District Office all day.  While I’m going, here’s what I would like you to do.  Please remember to say hello to our Guest Teacher, and welcome them to our classroom.

Period 01, Mobile App Development:
Please work on the Finger Paint App Part 02.  Please remember, you will NOT have access to the Blu HD phones during class on that day.  Plan to work on other aspects of your app.  After a discussion with Min Kim, I made a number of modifications to the assignment today that I will discuss on Friday.  Can you spot these changes to the directions?  I have installed ArcWelder on your computers, and it “should” probably work.  See this handout on how to use it: ArcWelder Quick Start PDF.

Period 04, Animation Projects:  
Please Continue working on Lesson 05, Elements Of Art and Principles Of Design.  It is due on Friday, October 28th!  If you are done early, work on something for another class.  I do not expect anybody to be playing games, etc. on the computer while I’m gone.

Period 05 and Period 06, AP Comp Sci:
Continue working on Lesson 08, the CheckMail class and tester.  Please remember to check all 7 possibilities mentioned at the end of the directions. On Friday, we will discuss these options in class when I return.

See you on Friday,
Mr. Eliot

Course info change for AP Computer Science

changesignA change to the Course Info packet for AP Computer Science has been made here and on the website:

Quizzes may never leave the classroom (physically or digitally). Students can visit their quizzes by appointment.  A quiz removed from the classroom (physically or digitally) will result in a zero grade for any student involved.

Mr. Eliot