Sub Today: Sick Daughter (again)

It feels like only a month ago that my daughter was sick (actually it was less than a month ago). Last night, when we got home, she had a 103.6 temperature again. So I am on “watch the sick daughter duty” again today. Check below for info on your class. I will be back tomorrow (Thursday).


When I get back, we’ll have to do the path tool and other demos. When you have finished Assignment 6 part 01, continue on to Assignment 06 Part 02 (as best you can). To do part 02 well, you need two things. First you need the GRID enabled (View –> Show Grid, View –> Snap To Grid). Once you have the grid, it will make it easier to make exact shapes with sides placed where you want (Squares, Triangles, etc.). To create shapes, you will need to use the path tool. Two tutorials found HERE and HERE will help you get started. Do the best you can until I get back tomorrow 🙂


Finish up recursion today. Tomorrow, we start with Lesson 10 (String Functions). Any of you that are willing can always start early (this assignment has 3 parts) and/or read the section of Assignment 10 about Object Reference variables. We will do a PowerPoint tomorrow that is pretty long, so please be ready for it.


Please continue with Assignment 08. Don’t forget to try my version if you have any questions on how it works. If you need to look up how any functions work, use the official PHP site. Notice the function lookup at the top right of the main page.


Continue on with the Mad Lib program. Many of you will get it working in the next day or two. I will be back to help on Thursday.