Sub Today

Perkins Image

I’m off today writing the Perkins Technology Application for the district.  This should be my last period off (except I will miss 3rd Period May 21st).  Here’s an outline of what you should be doing:

  • KeyBoarding/Microsoft Office:  Start Excel, EX A-4 to Ex A-11.  If you need more time on your Newsletter, do that AFTER the new Excel work.
  • AP Java:  Continue on with the Ant Lab.  The Gridworld Case Study booklets are behind the whiteboard in front of Gideon.  Ask the sub to get them please.
  • Advanced Web:  Please finish up on the XML section.  The media player will work in BOTH BROWSERS as long as you have NO SPACES inside the attributes.  Take a look BELOW AT THE LAST BLOG POST and notice that there are no spaces after the ? inside the URLs.
  • Web Design:  Please continue with Style Sheets and do the best you can.  Ask others near you to help.  I will be back to answer questions tomorrow.

Have a great day,
Mr. Eliot