Guest Teacher: Mr. Stoecklein

On Friday, March 18th,  you have a wonderful Guest Teacher while I am in Palm Spring at the CUE Conference.   Mr. Stoecklein was a teacher at El Dorado for many years.   He taught Physical Science.  He is now retired.  Ask him about his brand new Harley 🙂

Here is what each class should be doing:

Please work on Part 03 and Part 04 of the GIMP assignment.  Create 3 favicon images at 16×16 pixels, and work on the Colorizing part of the assignment.  Monday, I will help you upload the Favicons and help with Colorizing.

Assignment 11 is due today.  Please make sure you upload your FLA file in addition to uploading your SWF file.   If you are done early, browse the Internet or play online games.  No BZFlag today.   Monday, we start our LAST Flash assignment.

Monday, we will do the AP part of Quiz 07.  Today, you should continue working on Assignment 19.  Also, DID YOU PAY FOR THE AP EXAM?  So far, only 2 of 7 students have paid.

Please finish up Assignment 12, Functions.  On Tuesday, we will start on Assignment 13, John Conway’s Game Of Life.

Have a great weekend, and thanks for making Mr. Stoecklein feel welcome.

Mr. Eliot