Guest Teacher, Friday, September 22nd

On Friday, September 22nd, I will be in San Diego on family business.  On that day, our Guest Teacher will be Mr. Hipwell.  Please make him feel at home in our classroom.  For all classes, the lab will not be open at lunch or after school today.

Please continue working on your “tutorial app”.  The assignment will be due middle of next week, so you only have a few days left.  If you think you are done, you should be adding more text and image content to the sections of your app, and making sure your splash screen is the best it can be.  The more text and image content in your tutorial app, the better.

Continue working on your Mouth Movement assignment.  This assignment will be due next week.  Remember to read the directions of the assignment, and you should have AT LEAST four layers in Adobe Animate (background, sound, people, face).  You can have more layers if you want.  Please neatly stack the tablets and return the pens as you leave today.

Continue working on ICT Lesson 01 and ICT Lesson 02.  You will be uploading both together next week in one .ZIP file.  Nobody should be finished yet, since you can definitely make the house better, and add interesting things to improve it and bring it to the next level!

Have a great weekend everyone, and thanks for making Mr. Hipwell feel welcome in our classroom.  I will see you on Monday 🙂

Mr. Eliot