League Of Legends Team

Congratulations to the 2019 YLHS E-Sports League Of Legends team. The following students were selected this week after five hours of tryouts. Coach Drake had this to say about the selection process:

“I had a VERY difficult time selecting the players. There were a number of qualified players who didn’t make the team would had potential to make the team. That being said, I noticed this group to have the best communication, game-play, adaptability, ranking, and potential. Congratulations to the team and I’m looking forward to working with them after winter break!” First practice will be 3:00pm, January 9th 2019.


Siwen (Sam) Tao at (ADC)
Hengyu (Henry) Shi at (TOP)
Jiatain (Jaden) He at (MID)
Evan Restivo at (JUNGLE)
** Daniel Zhou at (SUPPORT)


Jude Thamm at (ADC)
Aaron Siegler at (TOP)
Derek Hull (MID)
Zeyang (Zach) Xuan (JUNGLE)
** Richard Du (SUPPORT)

** = Daniel and Richard will be rotating as the STARTING Team Support.