Guest Teacher, 5th & 6th Period, May 1st.

Hello 5th and 6th period students. I am sorry that I am gone yet again today. I am at a district training for Canvas LMS software. The good news (for me at least) is that I hope NOT to be gone again until after the AP test. This is on the website, but here’s a quick review of the next 3 days in class:

Wednesday (today): On Friday you will have your LAST quiz for this class (see Friday for details!). I would strongly recommend you use your time today to look over FRQ questions on the Litvin website HERE, and on the official AP exam page HERE.

Thursday: We will review the Multiple Choice Answers. I have already graded the Multiple choice. The highest score was 20 out of 22, but that score will be well above the scale. Most likely, I will impose a limit on the scores above the eventual scale, so the people with 20,19,18 will probably be limited. More on the scale tomorrow 🙂

Friday: Four FRQ methods to write in 55 minutes. These FRQ methods can be from any area, and any topic. So this time, there will be no hints as to the area, to be more like the actual exam. Focus on questions that we haven’t already used on past quizzes and past review sessions. Each period will have different methods to write. We will go over the FRQ questions on Monday, May 6th.