It’s AP Comp Sci A Exam Day!!!!

Good morning!

Its AP Computer Science A exam day! Good luck to you all. For those of you that have been showing up regularly to the review sessions over the last few weeks, I think you have done the necessary work to be ready. Just relax, open your mind, and let the Java code flow out 🙂


(1) Visit the AP Exam Demo page HERE and make sure your computer is ready to go.

(2) Print and have near you the AP Exam Day Checklist found HERE.

(3) Keep the AP E-Ticket email the college board sent you!


(1) Show up with your AP Exam E-Ticket at 12:30pm for the AP Computer Science A exam. Use your E-Ticket email to get in.

(2) Get plenty of rest. Eat a good meal in the morning, and a light lunch. Tell your family and friends to leave you alone. Tell your family to stay off the Internet and Netflix and Zoom! Don’t have ANYTHING running on your computer that you don’t need.

(3) Don’t stress too much! Just do your best. The difficult part of getting ready is over. The code is in there, just let it come out. Remember, if it is difficult for you, it is difficult for everyone. Focus on the code primarily, and the “open ended” questions secondarily.

(4) Have some notes nearby, but not too many. Have the AP Comp Sci Java Quick Reference open in a tab and perhaps even a printed copy. Have a tab logged into the ICT Curriculum. Perhaps open the ICT Curriculum to Example 15-1 (ArrayList) and Example 16-1 (Arrays).

Good luck,
Mr. Eliot