APCS-P Create Task Due 3-31-2023 at 5:00pm

The APCS-P Create Task is due **FINALIZED** on Friday March 31st before 5:00pm on the CollegeBoard AP Digital Portfolio website. Also, your series of MIT App Inventor AIA files is due in the “CreateTaskFinalAIA” folder we created on your PYLUSD Google Drive. This sequence of files must be shared with Mr. Eliot to receive credit and you should add a FINAL AIA file to this folder on Friday March 31st.

Friday March 31st. will be the last class time devoted to working on the AP Create Task. The lab will not be open after school on Friday March 31st for any reason.

Create Task Code PDF, Video, and Written Response submissions are NOT taken by email or any other format beyond the **FINALIZED** version on the College Board AP Digital Portfolio website.

Students will be able to make modifications for one week until Friday April 7th before 5:00pm without any late penalty. Any Create Task left incomplete and/or unfinalized after Friday April 7th at 5:00pm will be marked late for every 24 hours late. This includes weekends and holidays as per the Course Info packet from August 2022.

If you finalized any part of the Create Task early, and wish to perform additional work on it before Friday April 7th at 5:00pm, email Mr. Eliot directly (deliot *at* pylusd.org) **WELL BEFORE** Friday April 7th and ask me to “un-finalize” what you need to change/modify/update.

Classroom computers, Android tablets, and other equipment will not be available during Spring Break. If you decide to work on your AP Create Task during Spring Break, you do so on your own time, without Mr. Eliot’s assistance, with your own personal mobile devices.