Guest Teacher Today 9-29-2023

Hello students! Today, as we discussed, I will be gone and you will have a guest teacher. Please be kind and helpful to our guest teacher. Also, be kind and helpful to each other, since I will not be there to answer your questions.


APCS-Principles, Period 01 and Period 03:
Today, you should be finishing any work you need to complete for UNIT 02 of Mobile CSP. All Unit 02 work is due today by 9:00pm for full credit. A reminder that all documents and work should be in the Unit 02 folder, shared with me, on your Google Drive. If you are done with Unit 02, consider starting Unit 3.1 today if you have time.

APCS-A, Period 04:
Today, you should be finishing ICT Lesson 3.1 ( and which is due today by 9:00pm for full credit. We are NOT doing any other labs in ICT Lesson 3. Don’t forget to paste in AT LEAST three sample runs at the end of the tester! If you are done early with Lesson 3, consider starting Lab 4.1 (Car class) and Lab 4.2 (Rectangle class). We will be doing both of these as part of ICT Lesson 4.

Today, you have **THREE** things due. (1) make sure you do your final commit for your Lunar Lander game in Unity. (2) in Unity, create the Windows EXE version of your game. Everything that Unity creates for the Windows EXE must be in the ZIP file you create. Turn in the ZIP file on under the week September 25 – October 1. (3) create a Google Keep entry as mentioned in the assignment directions. All of this is due by 9:00pm today.

Have a great weekend and I’ll see you on Monday 🙂 –Mr. Eliot