Part 2: House Model

Attached is a sample of a VERY SIMPLE house model demo.  A completed assignment would have much more inside and out and the animation would be much slower.  However, it does incorporate use of the Tape Measure tool, Layers, and the SU GRID plugin.

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PART 1a: Modeling In Google Sketchup

Working on using Google Sketchup with the Animation class.  In this example, I have MODELED a chair in Google Shetchup and then created an “Animated Walkthrough” which flies around the chair.

[swfobj src=””]

PART 1b: Rendering In Kerkythea

Now that I get Google Sketchup, it’s time to figure out how to do Photo Realistic RENDERING.  In the example here, I took the chair from Google Sketchup and rendered it in Kerkythea as clear plastic.  I then flew around the chair.  Nice lighting features 🙂

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