All Assignments Due By Friday

deadlineWelcome to the last week to turn in assignments and projects!  Just a reminder that ALL work for ANY credit is due by Friday, June 10th at 5:00pm.  At that time, all websites will be shut down, and submitting work will be disabled for the remainder of the school year.  If you have any late work that you would like any credit for, get it in ASAP.


Animation Projects:
Upload SWF file for your animation film project
Upload FLA file for your animation film project
Make sure your animation plays on the website in Google Chrome

Mobile App Development:
Put your finished Final Project App on the class iPad
Put your finished Final Project App in a .ZIP file and upload it to my website
PUBLISH your finished Final Project app on the Google Play Store

AP Computer Science:
Turn in all FOUR signed Finch Robot sheets to Mr. Eliot
Upload a .ZIP file containing all finch code, images, sound files, etc. that you have created
Complete your Code Interview if you haven’t already done so
NOTE:  You CANNOT be in the lab at lunch or after school during code interviews.  If you need extra time outside class, come after 3:30pm, when code interviews end.

Thank you all for your hard work and dedication this year,
Mr. Eliot

Last Day For First Semester Credit, Friday January 22nd, by 5:00pm

january22ndJust a reminder that the last day to turn in ANY WORK for First Semester in all classes is Friday, January 22nd by 5:00pm.  Grades are due the following week, so I must set this deadline to give time for grading (see course info packet).  On Friday, January 22nd at 5:00pm, all websites will be disabled for uploading of assignments.  Work will not be taken for credit after this deadline!

Mr. Eliot